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Delivery and installation on site, outdoors or indoors

KIDS’ PARADISE ensures you a serene experience by taking care of the delivery and installation of the inflatable structure, whether outdoors or indoors. You can thus take full advantage of the festivities without worrying about the logistical aspects.


Our inflatables are designed to easily adapt to various spaces. All you need is a flat surface of at least 6×6 meters to accommodate the chosen structure.

To ensure the proper functioning of our castles and inflatable structures, access to a 220 W electrical outlet is necessary. Our teams will ensure that the installation is correctly connected and secured, thus allowing children to have fun in complete safety.

At KIDS’ PARADISE, we are aware that every moment counts during an event. That’s why we are committed to setting up the selected inflatable structure quickly, allowing children to fully enjoy their day and create unforgettable memories.


By trusting KIDS’ PARADISE, you are choosing a professional, reliable service that meets your expectations. Our passion for events and our know-how in the field of inflatable structures guarantee a successful service and a memorable event for young and old alike.


Contact us now to discuss your project and start creating magical moments together!